One Pearl Bank Location at Singapore Former Outram MRT Station

Why it will be impossible to see the top of One Pearl Bank by 2023. One Pearl Bank won’t only be icon but stand as the tallest residential in Singapore. What began as a small idea of the sale or the former Pearl Bank Apartments is becoming the next big thing in the Pearl’s Hill. After Pearl Bank Apartments was successfully sold to Capitaland, a lot of changes are expected in the near future.

Capitaland which is currently at the centre of the development is expected to make it more iconic a present a very different picture from what was seen before it was sold. The fact that One Pearl Bank is located in the city centre makes it very unique and a great opportunity for investment.

One Pearl Bank Location at Singapore

The sale of One Pearl Bank was done through a treaty agreement that was conducted privately but the evidence is now on the open. Even though the development was ionic before it was sold, Capitaland has added great value to the development giving it a new name, style and brand in the whole of Singapore.

Within the vicinity where One Pearl Bank has been developed, there are other strategic features that make it ideal. Capitaland has given freedom and choice for investors and home buyers who are looking to venture in real estate and be part of the magic development. The fact that One Pearl Bank is located within the MRT Station of Outram Park which is one of the most mature towns makes it offer a unique living experience.

One Pearl Bank Former Pearl Bank Apartments

The floor plan and the development details are already out and are making headlines. Capitaland has revealed that the development will have two curved towers which are expected to resemble the former Pearl Bank to make it distinctive. The development is expected to be completed by 2023 with its unique feature expected to match perfectly with the background that has been created by Pearl’s Hill.

One Pearl Bank Location at Outram MRT station

Upon its completion on top of the Pearl’s Hill, One Pearl Bank will not only be unique but will also be the tallest building in Singapore. The development is expected to be 22 meters taller than what stands tallest in Singapore today and most people are already waiting for One Pearl Bank. One Pearl Bank is expected to have 774 unit of prime residential and 39 storeys which will be perfectly accessible from Outram MRT Station.

One Pearl Bank will be a one-stop place that will offer a unique lifestyle once it’s completed. All the facilities that are expected in any modern development have been perfectly integrated within One Pearl Bank. It has a swimming pool, clubhouse, indoor gym, function room and guard house among the many features making it ideal for both adults and children.

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