Bukit Panjang Town

If you are looking to settle down in Singapore, Bukit Panjang Town is one of the best residential choices that should be on your mind. This amazing town, formerly known as Zhengua, sits on the Western Region of Singapore and borders Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang, Central Water Catchment, and Bukit Timah towns. The new development former Phoenix Heights by OKP Holdings is located near to Bukit Panjang Town.

Things to Know About Bukit Panjang Town

Here are several things about the town that you should know:
• The Administration
The Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council runs the town. The council is charged with the management and maintenance of the myriads of residential apartments and commercial buildings that define the locale.
Furthermore, the larger Bukit Panjang has three administrative constituencies, with each represented by a member of parliament. These constituencies are Bukit Panjang Constituency and the Holland-Bukit Timah Group Representation Constituency.
• Social Amenities

Bukit Panjang Town Located near to Community Centres

Bukit Panjang Town is one of the quietest towns in Singapore, making it a favorite to many residents. Moreover, it flaunts some of the essential social amenities to make your stay comfortable.
The town has three residential community centers that include Zhengua Community Center, Senja-Cashew Community Centre, and Bukit Panjang Community Club. These centers come in handy to offer entertainment, recreation, and education to the residents.

The town also flaunts some dependable shopping malls to cater to your shopping needs. These malls include Bukit Panjang Plaza (largest), Junction 10, Bangkit, and Greenridge Shopping Centers, Hillion Mall, and Fajar Shopping Center.

Bukit Panjang Town Near to Zhenghua Park and Bukit Panjang Park

Bukit Panjang Town boasts of two parks where you can relax and escape your daily life hustles. These parks are the Zhengua Park and Bukit Panjang Park. Zhengua Park is famous for its expansive playgrounds, gazebos, and a fitness section where you can keep fit. The Bukit Panjang Park is known for its human-made pond.
• Education
The town caters to the education needs of its people accordingly. As of 2017, there were six recorded primary schools and five secondary schools.
• The Transport System
The town is served by effective road and rail transport systems that make transport flawless. Two major highways connect the municipality to its neighborhood, The Bukit Timah Expressway and the Kranji Expressway. The Bukit Panjang Road also interconnects the township’s arterial roads. One of the major means of transport in Bukit Panjang Town is the bus system. There is an efficient public bus system known as SMRT, which serves the people.
The rail system is also a dependable means of transport here. The transport system comes in handy during peak rush hours. The railway interconnects the different parts of the town and also opens up to the neighboring towns.

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